Who Is Bashir Dawood

Who Is Bashir Dawood

December 9, 2021 Off By Noah

Bashir Dawood is a name you might or might not be familiar with. One of the well-known men in modern-day Pakistan, there are certainly a lot of things to know about this man. This short article is going to tell you everything you need to know about the respected figure.

Who Is He?

bashir dawood is essentially a humanitarian. He has worked for the welfare of the children and youth of Pakistan. From funding organizations that work for the betterment of children to ensuring proper education for the youth of Pakistan, Bashir has done many good things for society. This makes him one of the most respected individuals in Pakistan, as well the world. Along with him, his wife Mariyam Dawood equally contributes to the welfare activities. He is the founder of the appliances company Dawlance that is known all over the world for its philanthropic activities.

Known Works

Bashir is mostly known for his humanitarian works for the children in Pakistan. Being one of the most respected figures across the world, Bashir, along with his wife has been working relentlessly for the welfare of society in general. They come from a healthcare industry background which makes them well aware of the state of medical infrastructure in the country. One of the organizations they have been actively associated with is the Sick Kids Foundation. From funding economic resources to making sure of medical research and development, they have worked endlessly for society. They have been associated with many other organizations involved in all kinds of humanitarian activities as well.