Versatile Mens Shirt Styles: From Linen to Wool, Find Your Perfect Fit

September 26, 2023 Off By Noah

A well-stocked capsule wardrobe includes a collection of casual shirts. They are extremely versatile and resistant to the changing fashion designs – must haves for any man’s closet.

Look for a linen shirt with a neat, uncluttered weave and a tailored fit. A guayabera shirt is another casual option, especially in lighter pastel.

Casual Chic Mens Shirts

Brands such as G-Star and Outerknown are able to make casual shirts to the art of. Go to the latter for a variety of long and short-sleeved designs that work with everything from sneakers and jeans to casual chinos that are tailored and loafers.

If you’re looking for casual shirts with an edge, turn to Uniqlo. Their shirts are offered in a range of colors and patterns. There’s also linen and cotton blends that feel soft and comfortable and sleek in design.

Bonobos was founded as a clothing company but they also design seriously dapper casual T-shirts. Their slim-fit cotton-linen shirt is perfect to transition from office and after-work drinks. The fabric as well as the design ensure that it stays in its casual appearance, even when you relax in front of the fire pit during sunset.

Quality Mens Casual Shirts

When it comes to casual shirts, the quality is paramount. Try a silky, lightweight linen shirt for summer. You can also choose something heavier for autumn and winter.

The laidback lifestyle menswear label Outerknown features surf culture running through it, so it’s not a surprise that their short and long sleeve casual tops are eye-catching as well as flawlessly designed.


A ao aristino casual t-shirt with a twist, check out Faherty’s Nescove design. The shirt features a surreal pattern that’s inspired by Native America. It blends an organized chaos and a touch of fun. This organic cotton button-down features horn buttons, two pockets and a relaxed spreading collar. Ideal for strolling through the park, or a relaxing day at the beach. These shirts are durable enough for outdoor activities, hunting and fishing. Orlebar Brown is another label that knows casual shirts.

Stylish Mens Wardrobe Essentials

If you’re in search of something that is short-sleeved and linen, to go with spring and summer or more substantial cotton alternatives that fit well in autumn and winter, there’s plenty of fashionable casual shirt styles available. Todd Snyder produces printed shirts that work well for holiday attire and for festivals. Rhone makes shirts that you can wear post workout thanks to the sweat-wicking technology.

Uniqlo is a big lover of linen and cotton as shirts, and their range has plenty of styles and colors to fill your wardrobe. Represent’s large ‘The Hills’ shirt is perfect for throwing over a henley, and denim with selvedge edges when lounging around the fire pit after sunset.

Club Monaco were founded to create ‘better basics’ that elevate closets, and their large collection of casual clothing has fits, fabrics, and collars that can be worn for every event. Also, Suitsupply provide shirts that are able to be worn with business attire or casual looks depending on the season and setting.

Versatile Mens Shirt Styles

When it comes to casual shirts it’s all about material and the fitting. Opt for linen, seersucker, or silk blends when it’s warm in the sun, or wool, cashmere and fleece when it’s cooler.

Luca Faloni’s delicately blended linen and cotton shirt is a casual button-up perfect for enjoyable fair-weather activities. Pair it with a pair of jeans and a blazer to enjoy evening cocktails by the pool or with a lighter-washed pair of selvedge denims for a walk on the beach.

Suitsupply makes a great range of casual shirts, which easily make the change from formal dress to elegant looks. Fabric tech features sweat wicking and four-way stretch that keeps the wearer comfortable and slouch. They also offer an array of styles that include regular, slim and fitted.